Der neue und vorallem erste Song der Glittoris Gang „Rise and Shine“ ist ein Plädoyer für ein Safe Space. „Together we create a safe space!“, schreibt GG unter ihrem ersten Video, was zwischen juicy Beats, soften Lines und radikaler Ästhetik ein Herzensprojekt ist. 

„With our vision of a space in which people can feel seen and develope their diversity and beauty, we have set up this heartfelt project! Produced in @lia’s home studio, the track „Rise and shine“ was created for our movement! With the wish to visually announce to all of you what we imagine a Safe Space to be, these beautiful pictures were created by @lara as our director and great people in front of the camera. It is a collaboration of different arts and artists. Together we want to be creative, empower others and move . This is just the beginning! We would love you to share the video so that as many people see this big love project! ❤️“


Wie schön klingt das bitte?!