Sex work has been always connected with stigmas and stereotypes in society. With this interview I tried to show aspects of Awen’s life that people unfamiliar with nomadic sex work might have no insight in.




„Being a Nomad sex worker gives me the opportunity to be free and explore new worlds and perspectives

As a Nomad, Awen rejected the commonly expected need of having a fixed home, room or shelter. Home for him is not a physical place but rather a feeling that allows him to be himself and that comes from being himself.









„Home is the place where I feel safe and free, where I can explore and

express myself the most“




It might be difficult to understand how security and safety can be found without having a fixed place. Talking to Awen I understood that he finds this safety through love. As he told me, „Love is the key, when i knew that some people are gonna love me the way I am I was very empowered and I felt that now I can change and confront the world“


During the interview I got to know what it is he wants to change and confront. His idea of activism is to make the world a safe space for everyone. Talking about the stigmatization through society Awen explained, Humans are making me tired, sometimes the stigmatization is heavy and difficult, but it’s not only about sex work, it’s about racism, sexism etc. But stigmas empower me and make me wanna be more visible, therefore more understood„. A major aspect for him is people trying to understand each other instead of judging what and who they do not know. For him certitude restrains understanding, We have an existential value which is equal. Certitude could be toxic, when you are not open to learn about the others you will never know their value.




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