It wasn’t only the coincidence which lead me to NEONYT, but maybe the destiny too.

So here I’m talking about people who care about the Nature as they care about Fashion

Everything was so attractive and exciting to see and learn more about it, and the biggest Quotation that just came in my mind was: where do we Humans are leading the World, Nature and the Future of this Creature?

It is very hard to answer! but those People are still having Hope that Humans can fix all the problems that they had committed from Global Worming till Pollution.

Supporting Sustainable Innovation was their Aim and leaving in clean and healthy climate is their big Purpose.

One hour was enough just to take a small Idea about what was going on, and I’ll talk a bit about people I met there, or Projects I saw.




They are people from Spain, they were showing how bad are the Oceans situation, because all the plastic waste that comes from humans.

So, in the exposition they presented, how they try to encourage fishermen to collect the plastic that came with their trawls, and bey it from them later to recycle it again.

And I saw some of the recycled shoos products.




A company from Sweden, they made Bags and wallets out of paper and cork (Vigan Lather).

As the worker in this company told me: they have started two years ago and she is still using her bag since that time, also they guarantee 200 times washing without destroying their products.




This company is kind of EU company, hand-made shoes in a Portuguese factory from Italian leather and they have a Store in Paris, France to sale their products, and hopefully more places in the future.

The most amazing thing about it is, that they are using tires to make the shoe-soles, and as the guy explained to me: they can recycle one tire to three pairs shoe-soles and the rest of the tires with metals are being recycled somewhere else.

So, can you imagine? that your shoe-soles where travelling very fast all over the places on roads and finally come to travel with you.




Recycling Jeans to be part of the Shoes.

I just can say: it is a great work, in the exposition there where many ideas to recycle or fix Jeans but recycle the old Jeans to Shoes it is fantastic.

and that was the work from a Slovenian company




If somebody has never left Germany, and he just knows how life is fair in rich countries, he will think more about the concept of life after hearing more about work conditions in India.

So, I have been two years in Germany now, and I almost forgot or maybe I tried to forget about how life was always hard for me before I came here, but the guy from this Indian company brought all of that back at once.

He was talking that they encourage small clothes workshops in India to pay workers monthly not on a year and use organic cotton.

At the end he was the only person from a non-EU country that I talked with, and that was magnificent to know that even in India people still think so open and do actions about Global Warming and struggle for better work conditions, because this is the better way for the humanity.


Now I should talk about what NEONYT showed to me and what I learned from.

* It’s easy to correct mistakes when we are serious and honest in doing that.

* There are so many great ideas to fight for a better world and stop destroying Nature, and we still can find and create more.

* We should think more about the kind of life that we humans have and try to stop globalisation with all the possibilities.

* Recycle is something not impossible, we are the ones who should make it a life style not only Governments by caring about what we buy and use and etcetera.


We are sory becase it is very late to talk now about NEONYT, but we hope it is nice to remind you about it.