Hundreds of women* from a broad coalition of feminist, internationalist groups gathered for a demonstration in Berlin-Kreuzberg on “International Women’s Day”. Women* from different migrant communities, Black women*, Women* of Color, Kurdish women* groups, Refugee Women* and many more have united in solidarity to protest the specific conditions women*  face in relation to racism, asylum, deportation, labor exploitation and sexual violence.


Strong powerful women* gathereD

The rally included speeches by strong powerful women*: those who expressed their struggle, strengths and their fights against all forms of violation against women* in the world. Among them there were Women in Exile, International Women’s Space, Syrian Women Loulou, Black Women’s Block, Ni una menos, Da Migra and others.

The signs handled many crucial issues that women* are struggling with, such as asking for the right of safe and legal abortion for all women, freedom of movement and the right to stay, calling to save Afrin and Eastern Ghouta, equal pay for equal work, fighting capitalism and many other rightful demands.


I felt in solidarity

It was really impressive to feel powerful and in solidarity with all the women* who were protesting, chanting, singing, dancing and drawing to deliver their voices to all the strong women* who are fighting every day to live an equal and descent life. Standing in the crowd of the march and receiving smiles and greeting from many women* gives a great feeling that no woman* is alone, and all of us have a great big family who we belong to and who we will keep fighting for.

The aim of this day is to bring more women* with more struggles together to show that the fight will continue and the voices of internationalist women* will rise and the resistance will get bigger until there is no single woman* suffering any more.


About the video

Mouna is a woman from Syria and a member of Loulou Syrian women group in Berlin.
We asked Mouna why she is participating in the “International Women´s Day” at the 8th of March. Here is what she answered:

I am here today because  it is the Women International Day and I want to talk about the Syrian women situation. And I want to describe it for the people who are here so that they know more what´s happening in Syria, what´s happening with these women. So this is why I am standing here today.


Wir sind aus dem Norden, Süden, Osten, Westen; migrantisch, deutsch, mit und ohne Integrationshintergrund, antirassistisch, jung, künstlerisch, politisch, neugierig und selbstbewusst.

We are from the north, the south, the east, and the west. We are migrants, we are German, some of us have the experience of “integrating”, some of us do not. We are anti-racist, young, creative, political, curious and confident.


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